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AWS Security Group Update Powershell

AWS security groups are very essential to govern the access to the servers, sometimes we need to give Devs access to the Development environment. It's kind of day to day DevOps issue when we are asked to update IP in the portal, which is boring.

So have written the below script which allows you to automate this,

update-security-… Read More

EPiServer Headless Content Api Demo with ReactJS

EPiServer Headless Content Api Demo with ReactJS

During the last couple of days I was working with the new EPiServer Content Delivery APIs, I have all code shared to a Github repo

There is a Visual Studio Project configured to serve as a Headless CMS, built on top of Alloy MVC template. Also a ReactJS basic app… Read More

Why move to cloud?

Cloud Computing

Cloud solutions now a days are reliable, scalable and secure. Also they are a lot cheaper than setting up and maintaining your own data centres. CDN, Edge caching server, Multi-region availability etc are drastically affecting the performance and delivery of any application. 

Old days are gone, now you can  take advantage of multi-… Read More

IMDB Chrome Extension

One of my hobbies is to watch movies and series in my free time and I know most of yours as well. But the problem I got is I don't want to spend lots of my time to search for good ones. The first thing I do when I hear about a movie is to check its IMDB rating but it's a pain to always open a new tab and go to to check the rating.… Read More

Sitecore single page site


Sitecore is a enterprise level CMS with lot of features to deliver relevant content based on users. Sitecore content management features are great but the ability to personalise content based on users is what I'm in love with, To read more about sitecore please click here

Many… Read More

IBM Tealeaf - A new era of customer behaviour analysis

IBM Tealeaf

Do you want your support team to sit next to your customers in real time ?

Yes, that was the question asked by a IBM representative. I said, how it can be possible.

I really didn't had any idea what he was taking about, then I got introduced to IBM Tealeaf.

Tealeaf, gives you the ability to see what your customer is… Read More