IBM Tealeaf - A new era of customer behaviour analysis

Posted by Sunny Jhunjhunwala on July 1, 2014

Do you want your support team to sit next to your customers in real time ?

Yes, that was the question asked by a IBM representative. I said, how it can be possible.

I really didn't had any idea what he was taking about, then I got introduced to IBM Tealeaf.

Tealeaf, gives you the ability to see what your customer is experiencing in your website in realtime. From the links they clicked to the page they visited, exactly the same, and that's also without effecting the customer end bandwidth.

One can see which part of the site are most viewed and which are not, but any analytics tool will do that right ?

Here is the change, you can see which area of a page is more visible and which are not, where in the page users are mostly hovering and clicking. What they do when they see a form error, you can replay the customers session exactly as they experienced them.

This makes it really easy for software engineers like me to actually see what problems my users are facing and where exactly is the problem. Not only for SE, it makes the life of whole software development team easier.This technology will also bring a drastic change to the world of customer support field.

Just sharing a new technology I have came across with, hopefully it will help someone.

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